Friday, August 01, 2014

Couple unhappy about pig's legs in soil supplied by landscaping company

A couple from Jacksonville, Florida, couldn't believe what they found buried in the soil delivered from a local landscaping company. Chris Frank's wife was just gardening in her yard. "As she was digging, she saw something and dug around it. That's when she had discovered that there was actually some kind of animal part in there," Frank said. They found at least two more in other spots.

Frank snapped photos and knew exactly what it was buried about 13 inches down into the soil. "That's a pig leg," he said. "She said how do you know? I said I know what the hoof looks like." Frank's wife is a semi-vegetarian. "She was disturbed by it," he said. "I was disturbed by it." Frank had paid $300 to a local landscaping company on July 22. Frank said the services were to remove palm trees and put soil in.

He said the company's owner came out to his home and took the putrid pork away. "He said, 'I've got all of them. You're good," Frank said while describing the exchange he had with the company's owner. "I said 'OK, we'd like the soil to be removed too because it's gross." Frank claims the owner recently said he'd put lime on the ground, but Frank said that hasn't happened yet. "He called my wife and told her that he was not going to come get the soil," Frank said.

"I'm sorry, for him to not take care of his customers like that, I think it's bad business." Scott, a manager with the company, said they recently bought fresh clean soil and after cleaning a pig, the pig parts were accidentally left inside the bucket of a back-hoe used to move soil. The manager said the owner apologised, removed the parts from the Frank's soil and that this has never happened before. The manager would not say if the landscaping company would give the Frank's new soil.


Williamrocket said...

Semi-vegetarian ?
What, like only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and public holidays ?

Insolitus said...

Or maybe she only eats meat from certain kind of animals (fowl, game, goats sacrificed to her deity).