Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Couple who answered knock on their front door surprised to find a 9-foot alligator

A couple from Coral Springs, Florida, were given a big surprise early last Thursday morning when they heard a loud banging noise on their front door. Luann and Jorge Alonso thought it was a raccoon.

Actually it was a 9-foot alligator. "As soon as I turned the light on I saw that big gator right in front of the door," said Jorge. "The tail was facing the front window and his body was against the door and we couldn't get out."

Luann Alonso said she was petrified but then relieved when she realized she didn't take her small dog Gucci out for his normal middle of the night walk.

YouTube link.

"Thank god he didn't go out last night because I always take him around 2 or 3 but thank god that didn't have to happen last night because I would have had a heart attack," said Luann.

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