Monday, August 11, 2014

Drivers who dazzle other motorists by wrongly using main-beam forced to stare into headlights

Police in China have begun punishing drivers who dazzle other motorists by forcing them to stare at main-beam headlights for five minutes.

Officers in the southern city of Shenzhen are using the unusual penalty to crack down on motorists who unnecessarily use their headlights on full-beam.

Drivers are ordered to sit on a small plastic stool and stare at the front of a police vehicle while its headlights are turned on full-beam for five minutes.

Shenzhen traffic police announced the optical ordeal, saying it was an "appropriate experience" that would make offenders "sense the harm" of wrongly using their lights. "From now on, traffic police will make those found carelessly using bright lights to look at them for five minutes," they warned. Offenders are also lectured about properly using their headlights and fined 300 yuan (£30).

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