Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hole lot of trouble after toddler got his fingers stuck in bathtub plughole

A toddler from the Brighton suburb of Melbourne, Australia, had to be rescued by firefighters after a bath-time misadventure.

What was supposed to be a routine bath became a circus when two-year-old Charlie Salmons decided to poke his fingers in the plughole and discovered they were jammed.

His mother, Holly, desperately tried to free the little boy's hand, but she was forced to call in back up after several failed attempts. Emergency crews worked for almost five hours to free the trapped toddler, eventually demolishing part of the bath, but Charlie's hand was still attached to the drain.

YouTube link.

In hospital, a hacksaw eventually helped give Charlie his fingers back. Charlie suffered some swelling but was otherwise in good health. In May last year, little Charlie got his head stuck between the bars on his patio. The ambulance, fire brigade and police were called to the rescue for that incident.

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