Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Man on supervised release from prison attached electronic tag to rooster then went selling drugs

A Brazilian inmate on supervised release put his electronic monitoring bracelet on an unsuspecting rooster, which he locked in a chicken coop, and then sneaked off to sell drugs.

The ruse was discovered during a routine check in Porto Alegre of a drug sales spot on Wednesday night, when police detained Isaac Selau, 29, on suspicion of selling drugs and illegal possession of a firearm.

When they ran his name, they discovered he was under house arrest and required to remain at home in the evenings. They then went to his home, where they came across the bizarre sight of a rooster with a monitoring device around its neck. Police said it was the first time they had found an electronic monitoring bracelet on an animal.

At Selau's house, police seized cocaine, marijuana and a set of scales. The head of the electronic surveillance unit for the prisons in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, Cesar Moreira, said the system had detected Selau had removed his bracelet on Monday and had flagged him as a fugitive.

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