Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pizza delivery man reported witnessing fake murder to avoid getting fired for late delivery

Monroe County Sheriff's deputies in Hamlin, New York, say a pizza delivery man is facing charges. That after they say he reported a murder to police that never happened.

Deputies say 18-year-old Mason Requa called 911 and told deputies that he had witnessed a homicide at around nine o'clock on Wednesday night.

Requa, they say, gave a detailed description of the incident including descriptions about the suspects, type of weapon used and what clothing the victim was wearing.

Several agencies, including deputies, US Border Patrol and New York State Police searched for close to four hours until, investigators said, Requa admitted telling investigators that he made up the story because he was afraid he would be fired from his job for a late pizza delivery. Requa was charged with Falsely Reporting An Incident. He is due back in court next Tuesday.


Megan Huddleston said...

Did he lose his job?

arbroath said...

If he hadn't before involving the police, I imagine he did after.

Anonymous said...

Had he not heard the excuse "Car trouble" or "I got unexpectedly sick" or, going for the dramatic, "A dog was hit by a car and I took a moment to comfort the poor person who owned it," and really, I could go on with a few more plausible ones that don't involve multiple investigating agencies and a forensics team.

Barbwire said...

Anonymous, that's probably one of the reasons you're not a pizza delivery person.