Sunday, August 03, 2014

Small bag of sugar could get neighbours evicted

A woman responsible for what she calls a gesture of kindness is in a lot of trouble at the Houston, Texas, apartment complex where she lives. "I went and got some sugar and poured it in this bag," said Faye as she described how she describing giving sugar to a neighbour who asked to borrow some. "He took the sugar and went to his home," she said.

But the problem stems from what someone thought they observed that day. The person told the officials at the Mansions at Hastings Green that they had witnessed an exchange of illegal drugs. Faye found out a few days later when she received a letter accusing her and a male complaining of taking part in a drug transaction. "And I couldn't believe it," she said. "It was outrageous. I didn't understand it." Neither did Terry Brown, the neighbour who received the very same letter.

"I came home and I didn't have any soda or anything in my refrigerator," said Brown. "So I came over here to borrow some sugar so I could make me some tea." He insisted there was nothing but sugar in the bag. Brown and Faye have no plans to sign the letter even though it threatens to force them to move out if they don't. "That's fine," said Faye. "I'm not going to sign a lie. I'm not going to sign something I know is not truthful."

YouTube link. Original news video.

Officials with housing say removing someone requires a higher burden of proof, such as a police report or photographic evidence. No one at the apartment complex would talk due to privacy concerns. But the people at the centre of this sugary dilemma have plenty to say. "It's really sad," said Brown. "It's sad you can't give people sugar or salt or baking soda because the colour is white," added Faye. Both Faye and Brown say they have never used or sold drugs.

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Anonymous said...

This kind of thing has become major entertainment for the rest of the world. We all watch American, British, and Australian sites for the show that these rapidly evolving police states and their recently and barely literate populations are putting on. It is like the 11 September documentaries, hilarious material if you are not living there.