Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Thief broke through brick wall of store to steal a 12-pack of beer and some meaty snacks

Surveillance has been released showing a man breaking into an Enmark convenience store in Bluffton, South Carolina, last Tuesday morning.

The Beaufort County Sheriff's Office said the man got into the store by creating a large hole in the brick wall to the rear of the building. The video shows the man used a crowbar to get in to the building. Once he was inside, he only wanted beer and some Slim Jims.

Sheriff's deputies said the man knew exactly what he was doing. He searched for cameras, and when he spotted one, he knocked it down. Once the man got inside the store, he crawled to the front of the store in an attempt not to trigger the motion sensor cameras.

That did not work. He also didn't get very far in the store. Something spooked him, so he grabbed some Slim Jims and ran out. However, he made a return and spent some time trying to decide what kind of beer he wanted before ultimately settling on a $16.99 12-pack of Budweiser.

With news video.

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Mitchell said...

Seventeen bucks for a twelve-pack of budweiser is the real crime.