Thursday, September 04, 2014

Alleged drunken driver hit 'Drive Sober' sign on police department lawn

Police in Grand Blanc Township, Michigan, say a 34-year-old man crashed a truck through a construction zone, drove through the police department's front yard, hitting a "Drive Sober or get Pulled Over" sign before being arrested. Grand Blanc Township Police say that at about 2am on Aug. 23, police noticed a vehicle stopped, although there was no stop sign.

As it pulled into a driveway, police saw both front tyres were flat and pulled over the vehicle. After noticing more vehicle damage to the Ford F-150, police said the driver wouldn't answer what he hit. When the man exited the vehicle, police saw that he wasn't wearing any shoes and, after initially refusing to answer how much he drank, he eventually told police "he had a lot," according to the report.

After arresting him for operating while intoxicated, he gave a sample of 0.25 blood-alcohol content - three times the legal limit - with a breath test. Nearly 10 hours later, at 12:30pm, officers found damaged property in front of the police department,including tyre tracks that left the road to strike a "watch for fire trucks sign," a ground flood light and a "Drive Sober or get Pulled Over" sign.

In the process of going into the yard, police say the man hit two sand hills that were in the area for construction and, after hitting the signs, stopped near the broken signs, where police found a receipt with his name on it. The Ford truck that the man was driving was owned by a Linden resident, who told police the man did not have permission to drive the vehicle and was supposed to be working on it.

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