Thursday, September 04, 2014

Chinese restaurant employee allegedly pulled gun on customer in dispute over soy sauce

An employee at the Dragon City and Chinese Restaurant in Dayton, Ohio, is accused of threatening a dissatisfied customer with a gun.

Dayton police arrested Allan Lin, 40, at the restaurant early on Sunday evening, according to the police report. Police said a 19-year-old man ordered food and asked for more soy sauce, which sparked an argument with Lin, the employee working the cash register.

The teen told police Lin pulled out a handgun from a holster on his belt and shoved the barrel of the gun into his chest, according to the report. Lin told the officers that the customer threatened to have him "jumped," to which he replied, "go ahead and do it," police said.

Officers confiscated from Lin a loaded .40-calibre handgun and two extra magazines. The gun and ammo, a total of 36 rounds, were all attached to Lin's belt, police said. Lin was arrested on suspicion of aggravated menacing.

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