Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Screaming cat saved man from fire that gutted house

A man from Melbourne, Australia, has told how he 'owes his life' to his tabby cat after it woke him up when his house caught fire overnight.

The eight-year-old adopted moggy, named Sally, managed to rouse her owner, Craig Jeeves, by jumping on his chest and meowing loudly in his face, just minutes before the home in the Melbourne suburb of Wandin North was engulfed by flames.

"She was standing on my head screaming, the loudest scream I've ever heard from a cat screaming at me and then I smelt the smoke and jumped out of bed," he said. "I don't think I would have woken up. I'm a pretty deep sleeper. She saved my life." Country Fire Authority Captain Paul Spinks said the owner was lucky to be alive.

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"The cat woke him up and he found the fire and proceeded to get outside," Capt Spinks said. Fire crews found Mr Jeeves in the bushes outside his home. He was treated for smoke inhalation at the scene and will be staying with neighbours until he is able to rebuild the property. The home was gutted in the fire and Mr Jeeves lost everything. "I'm happy to be alive but you can't replace the memories," he said. The cause of the fire is being investigated.

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