Monday, September 01, 2014

Widow claims husband died on flight due to his hairy chest

A man flying from Los Angeles to Albuquerque died of a heart attack. His wife thinks his hairy chest had something to do with his death, however.

Caroline and Jack Jordan were on the Southwest Airlines flight when the heart attack occurred. Passengers performed CPR, but he didn't survive the attack. His wife said a defibrillator was on board but wasn't used because of her husband's hairy chest.

"The flight attendant that had been right up there with us said because his chest is too hairy," she said. A doctor said reacting to an emergency quickly can be the difference between life and death, and chest hair is rarely a factor with a defibrillator not working.

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Staff at the Heart Institute say there are razors and scissors included with the devices to shave hair and cut clothing and jewellery. Caroline Jordan said for her husband, it was too late. A Southwest Airlines spokeswoman said the airline is looking into the incident.


Zhoen said...

CPR is not a guarantee, as it seems to be on tv and movies. Odds are pretty low of surviving a cardiac event outside a hospital, even with everyone doing the right things.

Anonymous said...

It's certainly worth trying though; saved the guy in the last post. But that's not what she's complaining about. It's a pretty screwed up thing that she lost a chance, a chance, of staying with her loved one longer simply because a stewardess was [worried about being sued?] Can you imagine how much that would hurt? :(

Barbwire said...

Hey, Anonymous, this is the USofA, the lawsuit capital of the world. I can't help but wonder that the flight attendant might have been grossed out by the thought of touching the hair.

Anonymous said...

We're only hearing one side of this sad story. Why haven't the medial professionals that helped out back this classless, tacky woman's claim? Going to the media like she did is a joke. She'll sue if she wins southwest will probably pass it on to customers. She never even thanked those witnessing this horrible demise of mr. Jordon. What if no one helped? We also don't know the medical history of Mr Jordon that could have factored into the situation. The good Samaritans should counter sue if she brings this to court. Focus on your husbands memory not the blame game

Ratz said...

A friend of the family (who lives in the UK) went to his GP for a medical checkup prior to a new job and then rushed to hospital, told he'd had several massive heart attacks during his ECG. He got there and the nurse pulled off a lump of his chest hair, reattached the ECG lead and 5 minutes later proclaimed him to be fine.

Yeah, the hair had buggered up the readings the original nurse and doctor had freaked out to the point they'd called an ambulance and wouldn't let him stand up.