Thursday, October 30, 2014

Naked man told police he felt a spiritual calling and had noticed strange things in the sky

A naked man spotted at an intersection in Port St. Lucie, Florida, told police he felt a “spiritual calling” to be outside in his birthday suit and that he saw “strange things in the sky.”

When police encountered Keith Berfield, 56, at about 10:48 pm on Oct. 17, the only thing he had on was “a large metal ring around his testicles,” according to recently released records. Asked why he was outside naked, Berfield said he felt a “spiritual calling.” He said he’d been “called” to his back porch and further “moved” or “called” outside where he noticed “strange things in the sky.”

“The defendant (Berfield) could not describe what he meant by strange things but stated that he has been seeing this for the past several days and that standing in the driveway naked with officers was deja vu,” the report states. He started rambling about a “spiritual initiation,” and investigators suspected he may be under the influence of drugs. He told police he had “meth and weed” in his home, which was nearby.

Police and Berfield went in his residence, and Berfield put on some underpants. Investigators found a variety of drugs, including suspected LSD, methamphetamine and marijuana. Berfield was taken to the hospital, and police asked him again why he was outside naked. He said he’d been on drugs and wasn’t really sure why. Berfield, of Port St. Lucie, was arrested on seven felony and two misdemeanour drug-related charges.

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