Monday, December 08, 2014

Rocket fans successfully launched porta-potty

A group of rocket enthusiasts in southwestern Michigan successfully launched a portable toilet on Saturday in an event named Thrusting the Throne.

The levitating lavatory roared skywards, made an arc, then, slowed by parachutes, almost landed on a spectator's pick-up truck 2,000 feet away. Michiana Rocketry club members planned the project for more than two years.

YouTube link. Additional video.

The club is trying to increase awareness of rocketry as a hobby and prove it is possible to turn a porta-potty into a rocket and launch it successfully. The lift-off occurred in a soya bean field near Three Oaks in Berrien County.

About 30 people worked on the rocket, from engineers to sales people who lined up sponsors. Rocket enthusiast Bob Bycraft says it was carefully planned and not "barnyard engineering".

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