Sunday, February 01, 2015

Chinese farmer has built a mechanical horse

A farmer has built a mechanical horse to replace the traditional kind in order to plough his fields.

Su Daocheng, 60, from Shiyan, in central China's Hubei Province spent two months building the horse, which is 1.5m high, 2m long and weighs 250kg.

It has been created from a kart engine and chains.

YouTube link.

The horse is fed with petrol, which Su says is more economic as it does not cost fodder and human care.


Elena said...

Nice. Fun fact: There was a period of time where bicycles are called "metal horses" in Chinese.

arbroath said...

Thanks for that, Elena!

Annemarie said...

noisy, slow and looks quite dangerous

Ratz said...

Must have been a disabled horse he rebuilt (he has the technology). I note it has wheels.