Monday, April 27, 2015

Devout Christian horrified after being assigned ‘satanic’ 666 car licence plate

A woman from Berkeley in California loves her new car, but has a big problem with her new randomly generated licence plates ending in 666.

“I could not believe it,” said Bobbie Larkins, a devout Christian. “It sent a chill through my entire body.” She was so shocked that she drove with the plates inside her car to request new ones at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

“666 is symbolic of the devil or the anti-Christ,” Larkins said. “You know, it’s a satanic number.” A replacement would cost $20, but the DMV later agreed to waive the fee for Larkins.

YouTube link.

The DMV say that it gets more complaints about 666 than any other random alphabetic-numeric combination. Still, the DMV says it has no intention of taking 666 out of random circulation.


Frenchfarmer said...

666 is not the "number of the beast" it is yet another ancient mistranslation.
I really hope she now gets 616.

Anonymous said...

...nothin' like being superstitious!

Anonymous said...

Still. Christ Almighty, how difficult is it for DMV software to automatically avoid license plates containing "666"? They don't need the hassle, and their employees don't need the hassle.

Avoiding issues that are de minimis makes life better.


soubriquet said...

Well, I'd have no problem with 666 plates, it's just stupid superstition!

Williamrocket said...

And I thought muslins were stupid.