Monday, April 13, 2015

Intoxicated lady bereft of underwear allegedly tried to wear bag full of rubbish

Police say a woman who was wearing no pants and highly intoxicated was arrested at around 1am on Friday in Dayton, Ohio, while outside banging on an apartment door.

Ashley Sturgill, 27 is now facing public indecency and disorderly conduct charges. According to the Dayton Police report, they were called about a suspicious person complaint with possible sex acts involved.

The officers found Sturgill loudly banging on a door where, it was later determined, she was no longer welcome because of her behaviour. Police tried to get the woman to put on her pants, located on the ground nearby.

Instead, the officer reports the woman picked up a white garbage bag, full of trash, and tried to put it on like pants. In the process, she reportedly cut her foot on broken glass. The wound was photographed to log her injury, then Sturgill was taken to jail, with pants on.

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