Saturday, June 20, 2015

Teeny tiny little pony that prefers the company of humans and cats seeks new owner

One of the world's tiniest ponies, Nicki, who stands at around 45cm (18in) tall, is motherless after being rejected at birth and taken care of by Poni eV in Frankleben, Germany.

She prefers the company of humans and cats over ponies and horses, according to Poni eV caretaker, Julia Wegat. Poni eV is now searching for a new owner for Nicki.

Julia says Nicki "Doesn't behave like a normal horse. She is walking with humans, she is reacting to speech. Till now she didn't learn the horse's body language".

YouTube link.

Nicki's mother, Elsa, who was best friends with a goat, disowned the little foal from birth and instead Nicki was fed by humans, first with her mother's milk and then later with horse's milk, although according to her caretakers her favourite is porridge.

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