Saturday, September 26, 2015

Residents rescued pregnant dog after it was buried alive by tradesmen

After being entombed under sand and stone blocks by a Russian housing authority's tradesmen, local residents rescued a pregnant dog that had been deprived of food and water for a whole weekend.

Three weeks ago, in the northeastern Russian city of Voronezh, the sand and stone blocks used as pavers near the entrance to a house collapsed, forming what locals residents described as a fairly impressive pit. On Friday September 18th, workers came to patch the hole.

But over the weekend, the house's residents started hearing a barking dog as they climbed the concrete stairs up to the house, eventually noticing it was coming from beneath their porch steps. It was reported to the local housing authority when they re-opened on Monday September 21st, but the housing authority were unwilling to help.

LiveLeak link.

So instead, local residents helped to dismantle the tiles, dug into the ground and rescued the frightened dog, discovering she was pregnant and had gone without any food or water for days. Local tradesmen then patched the hole back up. The tenants of the house claim they have passed the dog onto a shelter, where it is alive and well.

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