Sunday, October 04, 2015

Labrador graduates with honours from Spanish university

The guide dog of a student at the University of Cádiz has featured alongside graduates in the end of course photograph.

Students studying Social Work at the University of Cádiz in southern Spain wanted to pay homage to a familiar face they had seen padding up and down the halls during their degree.

So, Idena, a guide dog for one of the course’s blind students, was included in the class’ graduation photographs, appearing alongside his owner and in various other photographs in the end of university memento.

In one photograph, the black labrador is sports a mortarboard, the square academic cap usually worn by graduating students.


Anonymous said...

What a nice gesture.

I can only see that happening at some campus in the southern U.S., followed by the screams of offended conservative right-wing nut jobs fearing the takeover of Obama and his guide dogs.

And NO, this is not far off the mark.



Anonymous said...

Makes sense since you can pretty much have the intelligence of a mutt to graduate from liberal arts program today.

Anonymous said...

To the original poster - you might want to get your facts straight.

Conservatives love dogs and appreciate the contribution dogs make to improve human lives through their loyalty, intelligence and companionship.

Anonymous said...

Obama made it clear in his book that he ate dogs as part of the rituals of his islamic cult.

Barbwire said...

How easily people can get sidetracked from a really great post. Too bad the dog's owner can't see the pictures!