Thursday, October 22, 2015

Motorcyclist rescues stray kitten at busy junction

A female motorcyclist risked her own safety to save a kitten at a busy road junction in Oklahoma. (I think).

The kitten appears to fall from the red car at around the 12-second mark.

YouTube link.

The kitten, which appears to fall from a red car, is almost hit several times by passing vehicles.

After noticing the kitten, the motorcyclist got off her bike and ran to rescue it. A fellow Good Samaritan then held the kitten as the motorcyclist retrieved her bike.

YouTube link.

The little kitten has now been named Skidmark and the motorcyclist has taken him home where she is keeping him for now.

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Anonymous said...

I hate and love videos like this. Even though I know the kitten will be saved before I even hit play, my heart races the entire time it's trying to avoid becoming a pancake. And then I'm so happy to see the final video. Thanks, this is another great one! KaraBoo in Ohio