Friday, December 25, 2015

Farm hails Christmas miracle after birth of twin lambs to virgin ewe

A farm in Nottinghamshire is celebrating a 'virgin birth' this Christmas, after a ewe gave birth to surprise twins.

Staff at White Post Farm in Farnsfield say the ewe in question was not thought to have mated with a ram and had tested negative on pregnancy scans.

Rams used in breeding are fitted with a mechanism to dispense coloured dye onto any ewe they 'serve', or mate with. The ewe in question had no dye on her at all, leading the farm to believe that she couldn't be pregnant.

So when she gave birth to twin lambs, there was shock all round. The farm are hailing it a 'Christmas miracle'. The pair, who are said to be unusually coloured, are yet to be named.

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Barbwire said...

How about Mithra and Jesus?