Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Man rescued after dangling by trouser leg from 15th floor window for 30 minutes

A man was left dangling by his trouser leg for 30 minutes from the 15th floor of an apartment building in Russia on Saturday.

Neighbours quickly rushed to the man's aid, calling emergency services to the apartment complex in Novosibirsk.

After hanging from the window frame for half an hour, neighbours broke down the man's door and were successfully able to pull him back inside. It is thought the man had fallen out of the window while attempting to clean the glass.

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"A man had been hanging on the balcony on 15th floor with one of his feet for 30 minutes before he was rescued by his neighbours who broke into his apartment," an emergency services spokesperson said.

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Ratz said...

Why do the windows even open all the way on the 15th floor? I presume the fact he's shirtless is solely due to the fact it's Russia and being double-hard bastards they just wander around like that, even in winter.