Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Wind causes skyscraper to emit a banshee wail

A spooky howl can be heard bellowing out across Manchester city centre when it's windy.

The mysterious sound is caused by the 169-metre high, 47-storey, Beetham Tower.

In 2012, architect Ian Simpson, who lives in an apartment at the top of the tower, publicly apologised.

Video filmed on Sunday afternoon.

YouTube link.

On several occasions, engineers have scaled the tower on Deansgate, which cost £150 million to build, to try and carry out repairs and modifications to reduce the din generated by its glass blade.


Monrezee said...

Fix the problem, quit subjecting people to more noise.

Amy said...

Architects like to talk about their buildings having 'conversations' with surrounding architecture. I think this one went too far.

Barbwire said...

That's terrible! It would drive me crazy.