Sunday, December 27, 2015

Woman paid to leave job after walking in on married male boss kissing man at work's party

A woman in New Zealand has been paid to leave her job after walking in on her married male boss kissing a male employee at a pre-Christmas work party. A source said the woman asked for help from an employment expert because she felt she was being pressured out of her job following the incident about two weeks ago.

Her boss, the business owner, agreed during a disciplinary meeting to a confidential financial settlement, believed to be a few thousand dollars, in return for the woman leaving the job, the source said. "Everyone has agreed to part ways." The source would not identify the business but confirmed the boss' wife worked with him in the business.

The wife insisted on taking part in the exit negotiations, after hearing chatter around the office about the incident, the source said. "Once she heard about it there was no way she was going to let it happen without her ... [but] through the disciplinary process, she did not look happy at all. [Her husband] looked very sheepish the whole time.

"He wasn't very happy either. No one wins in this situation." Despite the cash settlement, it was not a pleasant outcome for the woman, the source said. "She was just annoyed that she was dragged into it. She was annoyed because basically she could see that the writing was on the wall. The trust between her and her employer was gone."

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