Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Airline offers to serve food and drinks to dolls as long as they've bought a ticket

A Thai airline has offered to serve food and drinks to dolls as long as they've purchased a ticket. The unusual moves follows a craze in Thailand for ultra-realistic dolls, known as Luk Thep or "Child Angels", with some owners believing they have supernatural powers.

While on a Thai Smile Airways (part of national carrier Thai Airways) flight, the dolls are expected to abide by the same rules as human passengers. They must wear a seatbelt when instructed and will be offered food and drink throughout the flight.

Without a ticket, they are treated merely as carry-on luggage. A memo has been sent out to Thai Smile Airways staff, which explained the dolls can be treated as children, as they undergo a "spiritualisation" process, which is believed to breathe life into them.

The dolls are thought to contain the spirits of child angels and are pampered with fancy clothes and accessories in the hope it will bring good luck. Recently, a Bangkok buffet also opened service to Luk Thep - with the condition that all food purchased must be consumed.

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