Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cat with apparent penchant for getting stuck between fences rescued for second time in year

A cat has been reunited with his elderly owner in the northern suburbs of Perth, Australia, after surviving a possible three-week ordeal stuck between two fences. Unbelievably, it's not the first time the cat, named Felix, had found himself in the predicament with the RSPCA rescuing him from the same spot one year earlier.

On Thursday, an RSPCA rescuer returned to Marangaroo to retrieve the 16-year-old cat for a second time. RSPCA chief inspector Amanda Swift said he was lucky to be alive after his relieved owner revealed he had been missing for 20 days. It is not known how much of that time the cat spent stuck in-between the fences.

"A year ago he got himself stuck between two fences and couldn't get out so we went and got him and luckily he's got a microchip so we could locate and return him back to his elderly owner," Ms Swift said. "The same inspector went out to the same place and thought 'I've done this before', thinking it's another cat, then she gets the cat out and looks at it and thinks, 'I know this cat'.

"She gets the microchip on it and lo and behold it's the same cat 12 months later." Ms Swift said a member of the public had reported the cat was stuck in between the fences which are down the road from his owner's home. "Whether it gets lost or it's a shortcut back home for it, I don't know, but it's exactly the same place," she said.

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