Thursday, January 14, 2016

Chubby armadillo put on diet after overindulging on insects

An armadillo at a zoo in East Sussex is having to go on a diet after piling on the pounds. Despite being on a varied diet of locusts, mealworms, wax worms, eggs, rice and vegetables, Gretel has been forced to go on a health kick.

Zoo keepers at Drusillas Park say he has a tendency to put weight on easily. Head Keeper Mark Kenward says he's also having to put Gretel on a new exercise regime to help him shift some more pounds.

"She is making great progress so far but she still has about 500g (1lb) to lose," he said. "We have therefore made a few adjustments to her eating plan to ensure she remains happy and healthy.

"We are not unduly concerned at the moment but we will be keeping a close eye on her over the coming months. With a new eating plan, combined with a little more exercise, we are confident she will not be biting off more than she should chew in the future."


Amy said...

She looks completely unrepentant. "Yes! I ate it all and I'd eat it again! haHA!"

Ratz said...

I'd never considered armadillos ever becoming chubby. But since tortoises can overeat I guess most armoured beasts can. Every day is a school day.