Friday, January 15, 2016

Criticism over 30ft high, 60ft long scaffolding erected to avoid damaging grass

Residents are unhappy after builders constructed a massive 30ft scaffolding ‘flyover’ to avoid walking over a strip of grass. The huge structure has been put up to enable workmen to fix roof tiles at a block of flats.

They built the 60ft long network so materials and men can be shipped to the homes without walking on a green outside. But neighbours have compared the protruding metal work that cuts across a path to a ‘flyover’ and have labelled it a ‘dangerous eyesore’. And they have been left stunned after staff revealed it has been put in place to protect a small section of grass on the green.

Builders have since been spotted carrying materials along the structure in Plymouth, Devon, before dumping them, via a tube, into a skip. Mark Renzi, 52, who lives in the flats: “I just think it’s ridiculous that they’ve built something that big just to do a bit of roof work to a couple houses.”

The company responsible Plymouth Community Homes (PCH) say the work may take up to six weeks to complete. John Orr, who is head of regeneration at Plymouth Community Homes, defended the work and said the elevated walkway was the most “practical and safe way” to move rubbish. “He said: “It also prevents churning up the wide stretch of grass in front of the houses.”

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Anonymous said...

So this costs less than resodding a strip of grass?