Friday, January 01, 2016

Drunk man arrested after touching mannequins and taking off his clothes in sports shop

A drunk man was arrested after he allegedly touched mannequins and took off his clothes inside a sports shop. Greater Manchester Police were called to JD Sports in Ancoats on Tuesday morning following reports of a man acting in a “strange manner”.

The man was going around the shop touching all of the mannequins displaying clothes. A security guard then asked the man to leave. But the drunken shopper refused, stating that he was shopping. Minutes later the man started to take off his clothes and became aggressive.

He was arrested by GMP officers for being drunk and disorderly A statement posted on their Facebook page said: “This morning we received a report from Central Retail Park, Ancoats of a possible drunk male in a sports shop acting in a strange manner by touching all the manikins (sic) around the store.

“A security guard asked the male to leave but he refused and stated that he was shopping. Minutes later the male started to take his clothes off and became aggressive, the male was arrested for being drunk and disorderly.”

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