Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Environmentally friendly dog collects litter on her walks before recycling it at bin nearest her home

Britain's most environmentally friendly dog has begun collecting litter on her walks and then placing it next to the recycling bin near her home.

Fran Hodges, 51, has dubbed her pet pooch Paris as a "one-dog recycling machine" after she began collecting plastic bottles and pieces of litter while out on walks.

After collecting the discarded items Boxer Paris will take what she has collected, then put it beside the recycling bin close to her home. Now Fran, from Bodmin, Cornwall, has created a Facebook page to highlight her dog's unusual habit, which she likens to a real life Womble.

YouTube link.

The Facebook page, titled 'Paris Wombling Page - One dog against the litterbugs', is regularly updated with Paris' most recent finds. Fran said: "She insists on searching out plastic bottles, glass bottles, drink cans, plastic cups and wood, basically anything that is littering the roads we walk along. She then carries the object all the way around our route, however long, until we reach the recycling bin nearest to our home."

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