Monday, January 11, 2016

Foot-long metal tongs surgically removed from man who apparently swallowed them for a bet

A 28-year-old man swallowed a pair of metal tongs apparently to win a bet and was later operated upon at a hospital in Deesa town of Gujarat's Banaskantha district, India, doctors have said.

Bhanvra Meghwal, a native of Sanchor in Rajasthan, was admitted to hospital in a critical condition last Wednesday, as he complained of chest and stomach pain, Dr Vishal Thakkar, who along with a team of doctors operated on him on Thursday to remove the implement, said. "Even his relatives did not know at that time what went wrong with Meghwal, who kept on saying that he swallowed a pair of tongs when he was admitted.

"When we did his X-ray, we were shocked to see the tool inside his chest," said Dr Thakkar. Since it was not possible to pull out the tongs through his neck, doctors decided to operate on him. "We have to cut open his chest and esophagus (feeding tube) to remove the tool, which was around one-foot-long. We have also repaired the damage it caused to some of his body parts during operation.

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"The patient is now conscious and doing fine without a ventilator," said Dr Thakkar. Some locals who came with Mr Meghwal's relatives, he swallowed the pair of tongs to win a bet placed between him and his friends. "It's been learnt that Meghwal did the act to win a bet. But his relatives do not have any idea about it. Since Meghwal is not in a condition to speak, the reason behind it is still uncertain", added Dr Thakkar.

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