Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lifeboat crew rescued dog that had been swept out to sea from rocks on cliff edge

Teignmouth Lifeboat crew in Devon have released an amazing video showing them braving stormy seas to rescue a dog that had been swept away. Last weekend, a Labrador became in need of rescue when it was swept out to sea at Babbacombe Pier.

Teignmouth Lifeboat team managed to rescue the dog and bring it back to the beach where it was reunited with it's owner. The rescue was filmed by a camera attached to the lifeboat, and shows the crew racing across the Bay where they locate the stranded dog perched on a cliff edge.

The video shows dramatic footage as one of the crew members made their way on to the rocks to secure the dog with a rope, and reassure the scared animal. Once the dog was secured the crew got it into the water before pulling it aboard the lifeboat, and headed back to Babbacombe.

YouTube link.

Torbay Coastguard added: "We were tasked by Solent Coastguard to ensure the public's safety after reports came in of a dog in the water at Babbacombe Pier. Team members first on scene comforted the dog's owner, ensured public safety and guided Teignmouth Lifeboat to the dog's last known position. Teignmouth Lifeboat quickly located the dog on the rocks and recovered him to awaiting team members on Babbacombe Pier, who reunited the dog with its owner."

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