Friday, January 01, 2016

Man arrested for exposure told police he likes to masturbate in public two or three times per day

A Florida man who was arrested for exposing himself in front of a woman's apartment on Saturday night told deputies he likes to masturbate in public two or three times per day, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.

A woman called law enforcement to her apartment at 10:44pm, saying she exited her home to go to her car and saw a man smoking a cigarette in the stairway by her door, according to an arrest report.

She said the man, later identified as Andrew Lynn Miller, 20, followed her downstairs, stood in front of her building, and then followed her back up when she returned to her apartment. She said he stood at her front door and knocked on it, and when she looked through the peep hole she saw him masturbating for "several minutes."

Deputies interviewed Miller, who confirmed the victim's story. Miller said he likes to masturbate outside and in public two to three times per day. He lives in the same building as the victim. Miller was charged with simple stalking, exposing himself in public and loitering and prowling. He was released from the Manatee County jail on Monday on bonds totalling $1,120.

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