Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Man suggests stolen hot tub would have stuck out like a dog's knackers

Thieves made a clean get away with a stolen hot tub near Dunedin in New Zealand. Andrew Last set up the portable tub on the beach in front of his Waipuna Bay property, between Port Chalmers and Aramoana, aiming to relax.

The Dunedin-made Kiwi Tub was left on the section for a couple of days before it was stolen on Monday night. "After we finished tubbing on the sand we packed it up and just moved it across the road into our neighbour's frontyard," he said.

"I think someone saw us having fun with it on the beach and came back in the middle of the night and knocked it off." The tub was heavy, requiring a couple of people to put it on his vehicle's own roof rack when he borrowed it from some friends, Last said.

"A bloody great big tub on the back of an ute would stick out like a dog's knackers." The stolen tub was worth about $4,000, but did not include the heating unit and pipes, which had been stored elsewhere. The theft has been reported to police.


shak said...

Can somebody please explain what a dog's knacker is?

arbroath said...

Knackers is slang for testicles, Shak.

shak said...

Thanks, Arbroath.