Thursday, January 21, 2016

Man surprised by venomous snake caught in mouse trap

A man was surprised when he found a venomous tiger snake caught in a mouse trap inside his family home. Anthony Parker from Cascade in Western Australia literally jumped out of his chair when he noticed the tiger snake had been trapped by the mouse trap late on Monday afternoon.

"I came home from work at about 5pm, had a coffee and had a look at a few things on the internet and as I was sitting there I just heard the mouse trap go snap," he said. “I turned around, had a quick look and literally jumped off my stool because there was a snake about three metres away from me in the mouse-trap. It was just trying to escape by trying to bite the trap off I think; I think it may have thought the trap was alive trying to get it."

Mr Parker said his wife had placed several mouse traps around the house the night before, on Sunday, as she thought she could hear mice. He said the mice may have been the reason the snake entered the house. "We were away over the weekend so there was probably mice running around the house which attracted the snake in," he said. Mr Parker said he filmed the snake while it was trapped to prove to his family that he didn't make the story up.

He said he felt sorry for the snake and although he didn't usually kill them, he decided to put it out of its misery as it was highly distressed, which was dangerous around his young son. “I did feel sorry for it, but I couldn’t risk moving it when it was like that," he said. “I felt a bit sorry for it in a funny sort of way; I didn’t want it in the house, but I don’t kill snakes unless they are around the house because we have a little boy."

You can watch Mr Parker's video here.

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