Sunday, January 31, 2016

Motorist who reversed almost three kilometres at 60 kph arrested

A Chinese motorist filmed driving almost 3 kilometres at 60 kph in reverse on Monday has been arrested.

The man was spotted in Nanjing city by another motorist, who noticed the car ahead of him travelling while facing in the wrong direction.

At one point he lowers the camera towards his speedometer, showing he is travelling at 60 kph, nearly 40 mph.

YouTube link.

On Saturday, the reversing driver was arrested. He is facing a charge of committing a crime against public security by dangerous means.


WilliamRocket said...

Miles/kilometres. I reckon the world should go one way, or the other.
I have an Alfa Romeo I have just rebuilt, it was imported here in NZ from the UK.
I took it for a test run today, up the back country roads, was doing 95 when I realised the speedo is in miles not kilometres.
Sits like a train on the road, I highly recommend Alfa Romeos.

Ratz said...

What about the motorist who was using their phone to video someone driving dangerously?