Sunday, January 17, 2016

Official resigns after using man dressed as elderly woman at news conference

The director of senior services department in Cranston, Rhode Island, has resigned after she reportedly had a man dress up to look like an elderly woman at a press conference last week. Sue Stenhouse resigned her position on Friday.

Pictures from the event, which was organised to announce a new city programme connecting high school students with seniors who need help shovelling snow this winter, showed the man wearing a grey-haired wig, lipstick, glasses, earrings and a tag on his lapel that stated “Cranston senior home resident.”

That person, said to be a city van driver, stood next to Cranston Mayor Allan W. Fung and Stenhouse as each offered their remarks at the press conference last week in front of the city’s senior centre, apparently to make for better pictures and video for the news reporters who attended the event.

YouTube link.

The press conference, held on a day with little to no snow accumulation on the ground, also featured piles of snow that were dumped in front of the building by city crews who scraped it up from a city ice rink. “It makes us the laughing stock of Rhode Island,” said John E. Lanni Jr., president of the local council.

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