Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Parents unhappy after daughters were excluded from school for wearing too tight trousers

The parents of two girls are furious with a school which excluded their daughters because their trouser legs weren’t baggy enough.

Jane Ogden said staff at Barnsley Academy in South Yorkshire have been measuring the width of pupils’ trouser legs since last week.

“Less than ten centimetres is a breach of school rules apparently. It’s totally ridiculous,” said Jane, of Worsbrough, whose daughters Ellie, 14, and Mollie, 12, were excluded for two days.

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The Academy’s website says: “There is an increasing number of students wearing tight fitting trousers. Tight fitting trousers are unacceptable and are not allowed in the academy.”

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Anonymous said...

To hell with the uniform. My son's Special school used to have a particular headmistress that only smiled when talking about the uniform. When you spoke to her about important issues like safety and moving cleaning chemicals to higher ground, she didn't want to know. I hate schools; they're run by idiots.