Friday, January 29, 2016

Police kicked in opera-singing man's door after his vocals were mistaken for terrifying screams

Police in the Netherlands kicked in a man's front door in response to an emergency call.

It soon became apparent that the "terrifying screams" which had been reported were actually the sound of the man singing along to opera.

A concerned neighbour had called police to report domestic violence. Police officers who arrived at the property also heard screaming coming from inside. When they tried to break in, the man, wearing headphones, came to the door.

It happened on Tuesday in Buitenveldert, a southern area of Amsterdam. Police said everyone concerned had laughed about the matter. The name of the man has not been released - nor has the name of the opera he was singing along with.


Ratz said...

I wonder if the police have a discretionary pot of "sorry we kicked your door in" money to help the cost of replacing it.

Anonymous said...

not if they had a legitimate reason to kick the door. Now did they have one?

shak said...


Anonymous said...

Had to be one of Wagner's. Wagnerian opera is actually great to listen to, when you can filter out the vocals. :/


Bruce Bergman said...

Almost guaranteed if the gentleman was not a trained singer it was way off-key and (depending on the opera in question) almost indistinguishable from an anguishged wail, especially if he's wearing headphones and can't hear his own singing at the time.

This is why they invented Stage Monitors, and Auto-Tune for severe cases. (Re: Cher's "Do you believe in love?")