Saturday, January 23, 2016

Thieves dragging stolen parking ticket machine containing £50 through town caught on camera

Thieves who ripped a ticket machine from the ground and dragged it through the middle of Sudbury in Suffolk were left with just £50 for their efforts.

CCTV footage show the thieves in a 4x4 dragging the machine through the town after pulling it from the concrete in the Station car park, in the early hours of January 20. “We are incredibly disappointed with this news.

“A mindless, deliberate, act of vandalism like this will end up costing the taxpayer more money – and all for the sake of £50,” said Frank Lawrenson, Babergh District Council’s portfolio holder for environment. “Babergh’s machines do not have huge amounts of money kept in them overnight.

YouTube link.

“A lot of people pay electronically or have a season ticket, and we empty the machines regularly. It simply isn’t worth it for the thieves to take part in this type of activity.” Mr Lawrenson added there were no plans at present to replace the stolen machine, which cost £4,000, as there were two others. Anyone who witnessed the incident or has any information is asked to call Babergh Police.

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