Saturday, February 06, 2016

Armed police swooped on shop after reports of a bloodbath when the owner cut his hand on a box

Armed police swooped on a shop in Colwyn Bay, Wales, expecting to find a bloodbath but found no more than the baffled owner nursing a hand he’d cut while moving boxes. Mike Roberts, who owns the Mission army surplus store, was taken aback at the scale of the police response. He had cut his hand on the corner of an ammunition box, and it bled all over the floor as he tried to staunch the flow.

Someone who peered in through the window saw the bloodstained floor and called the police, who sped to the scene in five squad cars, along with an ambulance. Some of the officers who turned up were carrying guns. Mr Roberts, who has been running the business for three months, said: “I just cut my hand on one of the ammo boxes. The police came and just blew it up out of proportion.

“I couldn’t believe the amount of police officers that turned up. They just asked me what happened and who had attacked me - no one had. Nobody was arrested and no one was hurt but it was a nasty cut. It was all something and nothing.” An eye witness, who asked not to be named, said he saw blood everywhere. He added: ”I got off the bus at 8pm and there were five police cars outside the army surplus place.

“I definitely saw at least one armed officer there and I saw an ambulance drive away. There was blood all over the floor and on the outside of the door of the shop.” A Welsh Ambulance Service spokesman confirmed they had attended the scene but no one had been taken away for treatment. A North Wales Police spokeswoman said: “Police spoke to two men at the scene. There are no allegations of criminality.”

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lukus said...

Holy Cow! He didn't just cut his hand and go to the back for a band aid. It looks like he pin-wheeled his arm around a few minutes before laying on the floor and rolling around in it. I'd call the police too.