Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Breastfeeding mother amazed by orangutans' reaction during zoo visit

A breastfeeding mother has had an emotional encounter with two orangutans at Melbourne Zoo in Australia. Elizabeth was at the zoo on Sunday with her family, celebrating her three-year-old daughter's birthday. Her 13-week-old son Eli was hungry so she walked around the corner to breastfeed him in private.

That is when two orangutans came over to watch. "I went around the corner to be a bit private and I was breast feeding and this orangutan locked eyes with me and came over to check out what was going on," she said. "It started off with just one, then another one came over who seemed to be a bit older and shooed this one off for a little while.

"And she [the older one] came over and gave me a bit of a nod." Elizabeth said she felt the nod was significant because she had been unable to breastfeed her first child. "It was absolutely amazing," she said. "I felt so proud and I felt she was proud of me and … I don't know. It was just amazing."

Other zoo patrons saw what was going on, and a crowd gathered as the encounter continued. "They were all just in awe of what was going on," Elizabeth said. Her baby has red hair and Elizabeth said she thought maybe the orangutan thought she was nursing a baby orangutan. After the encounter Elizabeth and her family joined up to be members of Melbourne Zoo.


Anonymous said...

"I felt so proud and I felt she was proud of me and … I don't know. It was just amazing."

You're a moron. Too bad we couldn't stop you before you'd spawned.

Anonymous said...

Why the hate? And why should another animal -- who also nurses her young -- NOT feel a sense of connection and peace and joy at seeing a baby who was being fed and nurtured? Why should the woman NOT sense that? Do you think animals are incapable of thoughts or feelings? Do you think we are not just mammals?

xoxoxoBruce said...

When people see animals doing something we do, eating, taking a crap, yawning, scratching an itch, they feel more empathy toward the critter. I'm sure that Orang knew what the woman was doing, and could identify it as being something they also do.

Remember, the only thing that separates us from all the other beasties, is our chin.

Anonymous said...

The first Anonymous is a sad, pathetic moron. Sad to lower myself to his or her level, but there you are. Beautiful pictures. Gorgeous baby.