Friday, February 05, 2016

Calf born with a map of Australia on its hide probably saved from ending up on dinner plate

A calf from Yougawalla Station in the Kimberley region of Western Australia has been born with a marking on its hide that looks like a map of Australia.

Yougawalla Station's Jane Sale reckons the unique coat will probably save the calf from ending up on the dinner plate.

"We definitely know which paddock he's in and we'll be keeping an eye out for him when we draft, and I think for sure he'll have to stay around [and not be sold]," she said.

"As he grows I hope it [the Australian map] stays in its current shape." Mrs Sale said it even seemed like New Zealand was visible up near the animal's front-right leg, and the south-east tip of Indonesia was on his rump.

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WilliamRocket said...

Any animal that has NOT got a map on it's side MUST report to the office for killing, chopping up and eating.
Humans, man's worst enemy.
Pollution, climate change, wars, testing on animals, nuclear fall out.
Man, human's worst enemy.
Rape, war, cruelty, bullying of salads, road rage.
Me, upset that so many innocent souls get tortured and have their precious life taken, just so some fat pig of a human can eat meat, which will eventually give him bowel cancer.
Good job.