Friday, February 05, 2016

Cat that had been missing for 14 months found well fed and living in a pet food factory

A cat that disappeared from home 14 months ago has been found after feasting in a pet food factory. Clive the Norwegian Forest Cat was rescued from the Kennelpak processing centre, in Stapleford, Nottinghamshire, by workers who noticed "evidence" of a cat living among the many boxes of food. His owner, Tanya Irons, picked up her beloved pet from the offices on Wednesday afternoon after she was traced through his microchip.

Clive, who was only nine-months-old when he went missing, was captured by production supervisor Diane Gaskill. She said: "I've been trying to catch him since last Thursday when I found out we had a cat living in the warehouse. I saw him run past me a couple of times and we found droppings. I set a cat trap on Wednesday night and I found him in the morning. He was hissing and spitting! We then took him to the vets and we were able to get the mobile number of his owner. I rang her straight away – she couldn't believe it."

Mrs Irons, of Toton, said she was shocked at how big Clive had grown. The 28-year-old said: "He was nine-months-old when we lost him, he was a lot smaller! He's so big and fluffy now. He used to be very naughty and liked to go outside a lot. We thought somebody must have taken him in as he's such a lovely cat. We started a Facebook appeal and put up lost signs. I was at the swimming baths when I got the phone call that Clive had been found. I asked what he looked like and whether he was okay.

"I'm excited but a little bit nervous about taking him home. He has two brothers, George and Leon, I don't know how they'll react when they see him!" Retail director at the company, Colin Lewis, said that he thought Clive had been snacking on the pet food they kept in the warehouse and sleeping under the machinery, but it is unknown how long he had been lodging there. He added: "It's amazing. the warehouse is 20 thousand square foot of pet food. I think there's been a few holes in some of the boxes!"


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28 Really?

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Can anybody just make up a name for a breed of cat ?
If so, mine is a Kanuka Griffin Firecat.