Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Couple both arrested for battery after dispute over using bathroom amenities

Lasaro Burnias said the problems began when his girlfriend was in the shower, and he needed to go to the toilet. Burnias, 32, said his girlfriend, Lorrie Ramos, also 32, wouldn’t open the door to let him in. What happened next during the domestic discord at their home in Fort Pierce, Florida, landed them both in jail.

Burnias told St. Lucie County Sheriff’s investigators that after Ramos wouldn’t open the door, he “jiggled” it and it came off the hinges. He said Ramos got mad at him for busting the door and punched him in the face. Burnias also said she punched him in the throat after they walked in the bedroom.

Ramos, meanwhile, told deputies she was in the shower, and Burnias broke down the door because he had to go to the toilet. She “freaked out” and started yelling at him. “She got out of the shower, pushed the door that Lasaro was still holding and accidentally made contact with Lasaro’s face,” the affidavit states.

Ramos said she walked in the bedroom, and after a few minutes wanted to leave. Burnias was in the way, and she pushed him and walked by. Ramos said she started to gather Burnias’s items to throw out. She said Burnias slammed her on the bed to prevent that. Ramos and Burnias were both arrested, each on a battery charge. The affidavit didn’t state whether Burnias was eventually able to use the toilet.

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