Monday, February 22, 2016

Dispute over the merits of strip clubs in Ohio and Florida led to shooting

A Florida man was shot on Saturday morning after a debate over the merits of strip clubs turned violent.

The shooting happened at Lido Lounge in Cleveland, Ohio, at around 2am. The victim, Antonio Cummings, 24, of Orlando, told police he was at the strip club with friends for a birthday party.

While standing outside the club in the parking lot, Cummings got into an argument with another male about the difference between strip clubs in Ohio and Florida.

Their fight turned physical, and the suspect shot Cummings in the left thigh and took off in an unknown vehicle. Cummings was taken to Lakewood Hospital by his friends, where police later interviewed him. The only information about the suspect is that he went by the name "Mike." The shooting remains under investigation.


Jeff said...

Small town/rural Ohio strip clubs are the best. Nothing leaves you feeling more guilty and ashamed of yourself than watching a one-armed Amish stripper with missing teeth cry as she does her thing.
(The Foxhole in Zanesville Ohio. A place best avoided...but worth Googling once)

Amy said...