Sunday, February 21, 2016

Firefighters rescued two-year-old girl who locked herself in bank's safe

Firefighters were called to a branch of the UniCredit bank in Vicenza, Italy, on Thursday morning, after a two-year-old girl managed to lock herself inside a safe.

The girl was visiting the bank with her mother but became bored and crawled away while her mother was talking with the cashier. The mischievous tot clambered into an open time-lock safe that was kept on the bank floor, shutting the door behind her.

Unfortunately for the child, the safe was set to lock itself automatically and, once closed, could not be opened for 40 minutes. As soon as the girl's mother realised what had happened, panicked bank staff called the fire brigade to try to free the child as quickly as possible.

YouTube link.

With the help of a hydraulic wedge, the firefighters managed to force the door of the safe open in less than 15 minutes, freeing the crying, but otherwise unhurt, little girl.

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