Tuesday, February 23, 2016

G-string cyclist was at risk of chafing

A male cyclist wearing only a helmet, shoes and a leopard print G-string was spotted as he biked along State Highway 6 in Marlborough, New Zealand, at about 4.30pm on Saturday.

Blenheim man Chris Lane was driving home after taking part in the Havelock Muddy Buddy race when he spotted the sparsely clad cyclist making his way down the road. "We saw this guy riding and we didn't think anything of it, but when we got closer we realised he was naked except for a helmet and a G-string.

"My kids are 10 and 13 [years-old] and they thought it was the funniest thing," Mr Lane said. The cyclist appeared to be taking the ride seriously, he added. "He wasn't a really scrawny, serious-looking cyclist but at the same time he was gunning along.

"He must have lathered on the sunblock if he was riding for very long otherwise he would have got toasted." Danijel Duvnjak, who owns a cycle shop in Blenheim said he recommended wearing at least two layers of clothing when cycling to limit gravel rash in the event of an accident. Chafing could be an issue if a cyclist was not wearing shorts and they had an uncomfortable seat.

You can watch Chris Lane's Facebook video here.

Update: There's a video interview with the cyclist, fire risk assessor, Nick Lowe, here.


fred said...

I read the interview. Part of it includes this gem:

A woman complained after seeing him cycling in the buff ... in 2009.

He was charged and convicted for riding naked, but appealed it as far as the High Court, where he won.

"...I thought I'd go in balls-and-all and fight the conviction"

(Also his wife makes his g-strings "to save money")

arbroath said...

Heh heh!

Anonymous said...

That's grounds for hit and run. No jury in the land will convict after seeing the video of this lardbucket naked.

scarlettbegonia said...

"Lardbucket"?? Dude is fit. I think you might have been a bit to unconformable to watch the video or really look at the photos. But more than fit, dude doesn't give a shit about your perceptions and that makes him hot as hell.

Anonymous said...

Scarlettbegonia there is something wrong with people like you. I don't care how fit someone is, I don't want to see them naked in public. At the beach, don't give a damn. There is a time and place for everything. At the beach I don't look, but you can't miss that full moon on the streets. Beware the moon.

shak said...

@Anon - are a mean person. I've seen numerous postings by you and all of them are mean and nasty. Please, keep it to yourself about people's looks. Quit being a hater.