Sunday, February 14, 2016

Man allegedly drove past speed camera at almost twice the limit then returned to run it over

A man from Mandurah in Western Australia has been charged with deliberately running over a speed camera after it allegedly clocked him driving at almost twice the legal speed limit.

Police allege the man was behind the wheel of a utility caught travelling at 157 kilometres per hour in an 80km/h zone on Mandurah Road in Madora Bay on Thursday night.

"A few minutes later the vehicle returned and intentionally drove over the speed detection camera, smashing it," Western Australia Police said. Police said damage to the speed camera was estimated at $97,000.

The man, 29, has been charged with criminal damage and reckless driving. He is due to appear in the Mandurah Magistrates Court later this month. The man's vehicle was impounded by police for 28 days.


Anonymous said...

$97,000 for a camera come on, I wonder how many politicians got kickbacks for signing that purchase order.

Anonymous said...

He of course took the camera home, ?how did he get caught????

Anonymous said...

Good for him. Everyone should strive to run over one of these damned things at least once a month.